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The necessity of being online and common hurdles for our small businesses

The necessity of being online and common hurdles. After covid, we see many major retail stores closing their doors. What does the future hold for small Businesses. In a small town where there are not any major retail stores (even before covid), people tend to shop online to get the things they need.  

Being online allows our business to be accessible 24/7, even outside of store opening hours and allows us to expand our potential audience further away than in our local area. Customers expect all businesses to have an online Prescence. Customers like to view products before purchasing items. Establishing a strong online presence makes the effort worthwhile by increasing visibility, more engagement with customers, building raptor with customers, and increased sales.  

Even though there are some hurdles small businesses face when trying to build an online Prescence, one of our main ones is budget constraints. With start-up costs, regular maintenance, paid advertising, and SEO services, it makes it difficult for some small businesses to establish and maintain an online Prescence. We have avoided many extra costs like paid advertising, and SEO services. The only thing we pay for is our website and email marketing.  

The second hurdle we have faced is of building an online Prescence, is that it isa major time commitment. As a small business owner/operator we do not have much extra time. Taking pictures, videos, scheduling posts on all the social media platforms, email marketing, and thinking of items to post is all a major hurdle for being online. 

So, in conclusion the potential for increased visibility, more engagement with customers, and a potential for increased sales makes being online for our small business an investment. 


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