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Social Media Awakening for a Small Brick and Mortar Business

After eight years in business, this year so far has been the toughest yet! Only four months in and we are seeing the difference already. With the cost of everything rising, our customer orders and customers visiting the store, our sales have been .... well shit. So, I am trying something that we have not really done in the last 8 years until now. 

I have learned that having an online Prescence is necessary in 2024 to survive. I am going to try my best to explain some of the things that I have learned. Two words, Online Marketing. With online marketing it can expand our businesses visibility, by reaching people from other areas in Canada and beyond. One example is our Wix website uses many reports, but the one I follow daily is real-time analytics it tracks where the visitor is from (Quebec, Ontario, Montreal, New York, United Kingdom etc.) This would not have been possible without the website. #wix  

The benefits outweigh the negatives. The cost can get pricey. but it does not have to be. The only thing we pay for is the website, email marketing, and some apps for photo/video editing. Social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, snapchat, Facebook, and X are free unless you promote with ads. Ads are another cost, which is optional. By engaging with more people across multiple channels it gets our business out there, builds loyalty, and encourages new/repeat customers. Even though we do not have an e-commerce store (yet) we still feel this will help us attract new, repeat customers, and turn visitors into paying customers. 

Starting online marketing in our slow time allows us to learn more about it all now, so in our busier times we can have a competitive advantage against our competitors to drive more sales. As our sales increase we can scale up our marketing game by investing more resources in buying ads on popular platforms at that time.  

So, in conclusion we think that over time online marketing can boost our revenue for our small business. It might not be today, but we can try. 

If you have any questions or advice, please contact us. It would be appreciated. 

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